Sushi Secret Menu

T.N.T  15.95

in: Avocado & Cream cheese

Top: baked seafood(salmon, scallop, real crab meat, masago & scallion with japanese Mayo)

sauce: Eel Sauce & Spciy Mayo

Crazy Salmon Roll  13.95

in: Spicy Salmon & Avocado 

Top: Seared Salmon with Japanese mayo, Ikura(salmon roe) & Parsley on top

Las Vegas Roll  11.95

in: Salmon, Avocado & Jalapano

top: Deep fried with Panko to Golden Brown, tobiko on top

Sauce: Eel Sauce & Spicy Mayo

Creamy Chicken Tempura  13.95

in: Chicken Tempura & Cream Cheese

top: Kani with Japanese mayo, sliced avocado on top

sauce: Eel Sauce

Alligator Roll    14.95

in: Shrimp Tempura & cucumber

top: Eel & Avocado

Sauce: Eel Sauce w/ Sesame