* We are required by the Health Department to inform you that consuming raw  or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shell fish or eggs may increse your risk of  foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions

House Salad  2.5
Avocado Salad  5
Seaweed Salad  5
Crab Salad  7
Kani Salad  5.5

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​   Appetizers From the Kitchen

Edamame (steamed soy bean)  6

Crab Rangoon (Deep Fried crabmeat with cream cheese)  6
Haru Maki (Japanese spring roll)  6
Age Tofu (lightly fried bean curd w / tempura sauce)  6
Rock’n Shrimp (Deep Fried shrimp w /chef ’s sauce)  8.5
Shumai (Steamed Shrimp dumpling)  6
Gyoza (Pan fried pork dumpling)  6
Garlic Broccoli (steamed Broccoli w/ Garlic butter sauce)  6.5
Yakitori (Grilled chicken on skewer w/ teriyaki sauce)  6.5
Calamari (Fried Squid w/ chef ’s Sauce)  7.5
Beef Negimaki (Pan Fry sliced steak rolled w/scallion & Asparagus w/ teriyaki sauce) 7.5
Shrimp Tempura (2pcs Fried shrimp & 3pcs vegetables) 7.5
Yam Tempura (5pcs / sweet potato)  5.5
Vegetable Tempura (6pcs / Mixed vegetables)  6

Soft Shell Crab (Deep fried to golden crispy)  9

Chicken Karaage (Japanese Style Deep-Fried Chicken) 8

Takoyaki (Japanese Style Fried Octopus Balls) 8

Appetizers From Sushi Bar​
* Sushi (4 pieces, Chef's choice)  7.5

* Sashimi (5 pieces mixed sashimi, chef's choice) 9
Tako Su (Octopus salad w/ponzu sauce)  11
*Sunomono (Assorted seafood salad w/ponzu sauce)  11
* Naruto (Salmon, tuna, crabmeet, masago, avocado, rolled with cucumber)  11
* Tuna Tataki (Sealed & thinly sliced tuna w/ponzu sauce)  11
* Tartar (Tuna or salmon, mango, oshinko w/yuzo sauce)  11
* Jalapeno Yellowtail (Sliced yellowtail & jalapeno w/ yuzu sauce)  11

Sex Jalapeno (Spicy Tuna & Cream Cheese Deep Fried w/ Jalapeno) 11


Miso Soup  2.5

Clear Soup  2.5
Seafood Soup  7