SUSHI Chef’s Specialty Rolls

Romantic Roll(Avocado, Cucumber & crabmeat rolled with tuna on the top with sicpy mayo)  15
Rainbow Roll(Avocado, Cucumber & crabmeat rolled with tuna, Salmon, Red Snapper & Masago) 14
Angel Roll(Shrimp tempura topped with cooked salmon, mayo, & eel sauce)  15
Lobster Roll(Lobster tempuratopped with lobster salad, masago, & special sauce)  17
Volcano Roll(Shrimp tempura topped with spicy tuna)  15

Crazy Roll(Deep fried with tuna, salmon, cream cheese, white fish & avocado)   14

Green Dragon Roll(Eel with avocado topped with masago)  14
Rock N’ Roll(Spicy tuna topped with sliced avocado)  14
Godzill Roll(Spicy salmon, cucumber, crab stick, crunch topped with spicy tuna, red snapper, avocado, masago & special sauce)  15

    Black Dragon Roll(avocado, cucumber, crabmeat & eel on top with eel sauce)  15
Mango Roll(Srimp tempura with cucumber, mango, avocado on top with mango sauce & eel sauce) 15

Green Spicy(spicy tuna & shrimp tempura, top w/ spicy Kani & sliced avocado w/ eel sauce & spicy mayo) 16

Fatastic Roll(Spicy Yellowtail & avocado top w/ yellowtail & Jalapano w/ Wasabi Mayo & Sriracha sauce) 15

White Dragon(Spicy White Tuna & Avcaodo top w/ White tuna w/ Wasabi Mayo) 14

Red Dragon(spicy salmon & avcaodo top w/ spicy tuna & avocado w/ spicy Mayo) 14

Angry Bird(shrimp tempura, spicy tuna & mango rolled with Soypaper, and top w/spicy kani w/ special sauce) 16

Red Skin Roll(shrimp tempura & spicy kani top w/ Spicy tuna & massgo w/ eel sauce & spicy mayo) 17

Epic Scallop Roll(deep fried scallop, lobster salad & avocado rolled with Soypaper w/ miso sauce) 17

Tiger Roll(Lobster Tempura & creamcheese rolled with Soypaper, and top w/ spicy Kani w/ special sauce) 17

Alligator Roll (Rolled with Shrimp Tempura & cucumber. top with eel & avocado. Eel sauce & spicy mayo) 16

Amanda Roll (Rolled with spicy tuna & avocado, top with yellowtail & tuna, Jalapano & spicy mayo) 15

Las Vegas Roll (Rolled with salmon, avocado & jalapeno. Deep Fried with Panko, top with eel sauce & spicy mayo) 13



(Served with Miso Soup)

choose of sushi or sashimi

Tuna (8 pcs)  18
(8 pcs)  18
Tuna & Salmon
(8 pcs) 185
(8 pcs)  18

mixed (10 pcs, chef's choice) 20
(15 pcs, chef's choice)  26
Deluxe Assorted
(21 pcs, chef's choice)  34

* We are required by the Health Department to inform you that consuming raw  or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shell fish or eggs may increse your risk of  foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions


         (2 pcs)

Saba/Mackarel  4.5
Masago/Smelt roe  5.5
Tako/Octopus  5
Kani/Crabstick  4.5
Ama Ebi/Sweet Shrimp  8.5
Unagi/BBQ Water Eel  5.5
Red Snapper  5
Smoked Salmon  5
Strip Bass  5
Tobiko  5.5

White tuna 5.5

(Salmon roll, tuna roll, Tempura roll,
California roll, Nigiri sushi (10 pcs))
(Sashimi (12 PCS), Volcano roll, Rainbow roll, Nigiri sushi (10 pcs))  74
(Sashimi (15 PCS), Nigiri sushi (16 PCS), Godzilla roll, Spider roll & Crazy roll)  94

Maguro/Tuna  5.5
Sake/Salmon  5.5
Yellow Tail  5.5
Red Claim  5.5
Scallop 5.5
Tamago/Egg 4.5

Inari/Been Curd 4.5

Ebi/Prawn  4.5
Ikura/Salmon Roe 7
Ika/Squid  5.5

​Fluke 5


Kappa Maki(Cucumber)  4                        Salmon Skin Roll  6.5
     Green Maki(Avocado)  5                      Chopped Scallop Roll  7

Tekka Maki(Tuna)  6.5                               Tuna avocado Roll  7.5
   Salmon Maki(Salmon)  6.5                          Salmon avocado Roll  7.5
       Scallion Yellowtail Roll 7                       Spicy Salmon Roll  7

Oshinko Maki 4.5                                         Asparagus Maki 5

Yam Roll (Sweet potato)  6.5                        Spicy Tuna Roll  7
   Avocado Cucumber Roll  5.5                      Spicy Scallop Roll 7
  Vegetable Roll  7                                Spicy Yellowtail Roll 7
          California Roll  6                            Shrimp Tempura Roll (5 pcs)  7.5

                Spicy California Roll 7                       Eel Avocado 8                             
Philadelphia Roll(Smocked salmon, cream cheese & cucumber)  7.5
Unakyu Roll(BBQ water eel with cucumber)  7.5
Futo Maki(Sweet egg omlette, crabstick, oshinco & avocado)(5pcs)  7.5
House Roll(Avocado , tuna, salmon, water eel with masago)(5 pcs)  9.5
Alaska Roll(crabstick, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber & smocked salmon w/ masago)(5 pcs)  8.5
Boston Roll(Shrimp, cucumber, lettuce w/ mayo on the top)(5pcs)  6.5 

Spider Roll (soft shell crab with cucumber & avocaod. eel sauce) 11.5


​(Served with Miso Soup)

all Nigiri are chef's choice

Vegetable Combo
(Tam roll, avocado roll, avocado and asparagus Sushi (4 pcs) 14.5
California Combo
(2 California Rolls, Nigiri Sushi (4pcs)  15.5
Eel Lover Combo
(Eel avocado roll, Unakyu roll, Eel Nigiri sushi (4pcs)  21
Tempura Combo
(Shrimp Tempura Roll, Yam Roll, Nigiri Sushi (4pcs)   16
Maki Combo
(Tuna Maki. salmon Maki. Nigiri (4 PCS)  15.5
Spicy Combo
(Spicy tuna roll, spicy scallop roll, Nigiri (4 pcs))  18
Love Boat Combo
(Nigiri Sushi (4 pcs), Tuna & Salmon Sashimi (6 pcs), Romantic roll)  29
Deluxe Sushi Combo
(Nigiri Sushi (8 pcs), Tuna & Salmon Sashimi (8 pcs). house roll) 35